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New Year’s Changes that Last: Progress Over Perfection for 2019 and Beyond

Walking into a new year marks the start of an exciting new journey. It’s a turning point for the entire world—a point where we get to put the past behind us, become a better version of ourselves, and start anew. And heading into a new year is not a gradual shift; it’s a drastic, split-second moment where we are thrust into an unfamiliar 365-day calendar.

As such, beginning a new path with a clean slate makes us focus on the future and has us eager to set positive intentions for what we’d like to accomplish. Maybe the last year was bad for us financially, or perhaps we lost consistency in our self-care. Whatever the woes of 2018 or previous years, a fresh start makes us want to turn things around as soon as we see “Jan 1st” across our smartphones.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t anything new—they’ve gone back since the concept of time and calendars were invented. And since forever ago, there’s been no better starting point than the beginning of the year to make personal changes. Using the start of the year makes us think that since everything is new, there will be a new us, too.

But we’ve been going about our goals wrong for a very, very long time.

Another Resolution Bites the Dust

New Year determination can be a powerfully motivating factor. Shifting into a new era stirs excitement and fires up the commitments and resolutions you make when you take the first steps during the early days of your journey. But while that determination is substantial kindle to the flame, most fires burn out after less than a month. It’s the same song and dance for resolution after resolution: we make stern commitments, keep them for a while, then ultimately realize the pressure to change every facet of our lives is too much to handle. We fall short of our goals, lose heart, and slip back into the norm that made us feel unsatisfied in the first place.

Commitments that Last: Progress Over Perfection

This year, we want to promote PROGRESS over PERFECTION. We’ve put together a mindful six-week program to help you make changes you can make now and set habits that will lead you effortlessly down a passage of long-term, continuous growth.

We believe that life isn’t about getting it all right all at once. It takes time to learn new practices, establish new habits, and create positive changes in your life that last. So, instead of the run-of-the-mill “New Year Bootcamp” or “New Year, New You,” we’ve designed a comprehensive guide with expert recommendations and teachings to help you commit to longstanding, permanent progress this year—not perfection.

Be a Part of a Journey That Works

For the next six weeks, we’ll be diving into three areas that have a huge impact on our overall wellness—areas that are at the top of the list for everyone trying to flip around their lives during the New Year: Stress Management, Weight Management, and Self Esteem. We’ve gathered insight from authorities in these areas—our team of Nurses, Nutritionists, and Wellness Professionals have been working hard to give you real, practical advice on how to make sustainable changes in your life so you can be a healthier, happier you.

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