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5 Things A Massage Can Teach You

I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for almost eight years. Everyday I get to do a job I love. I couldn’t do my job without the amazing people who come to see me. I’m extremely grateful for each client that walks through the spa doors. It is with this gratitude that I hope I influence my clients by teaching them a few lessons through the art of massage therapy.

Five things receiving a great massage can teach you:
  1. You are worth the time it takes to rejuvenate and take care of you. My clients are nurses, teachers, mechanics, fathers, mothers, care takers. Folks from all walks of life that take care of their loved ones. When a client walks out of a massage, I hope that they feel their energy has been revitalized so that they may share with the ones they love most.
  2. Gratitude for vulnerability. In my consultations before a massage, I always ask my clients what their needs are to find out where they are holding tension, what their emotional needs for the massage maybe, what type of pressure, etc. What I hope to teach is that by being vulnerable about our needs, we can more easily get them met. My client’s needs are a gift and opportunity for me to meet them.
  3. Awareness of where we hold tension and the ability to let it go. Often the feedback I receive after a massage is something like, “Wow, I didn’t know my shoulders were so tight! And my calves! I didn’t even realize they were holding so much tension.” By tuning into where the tension is, it has the opportunity to be released either through massage technique and breathing or both.
  4. It’s pleasant to be in your body and thus the moment. Most of my clients love getting massages. Why? Because it feels great! They feel less pain, enjoy the aromatherapy, warm stones, music, feel relaxed. My yoga teacher taught me that your body is always in the moment. It can’t be in the future or past, it’s in the here and now. While getting a massage, you generally appreciate the moment.
  5. This moment contains peace and tranquility. My clients’ often describe what I have termed the floating massage space. Where you are comfortable, your body feels great, you’re relaxed, thus there is an experience of feeling peaceful and tranquil and floating. I like to provide at least some integration time after a massage so that client’s may enjoy the massage space before entering, ‘the real world.’
Dolce Vita Wellness Spa offers a peaceful and ambient atmosphere to accomplish these 5 things mentioned. Come visit us today to reserve your experience!
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