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Break Free From The Clutter: Starting Fresh This Spring

Nyla Allen invites us to explore the dynamic benefits of healing and starting fresh this spring.

At last, the first blossoms of the season are reaching for the sunshine, and we’re finally hanging up our winter coats. The spring season is blooming with possibilities for renewal. It’s an invigorating time to be reminded of the healing elements of nature, and it’s also the perfect time to refresh our mind, body and spirit. As we begin cleaning up our homes and habits, I’ve been ruminating on what it means to truly start fresh.

In our daily lives, we’re bombarded by an overwhelming amount of stimulation, things like:

  • Stress from work or relationships
  • Too many To-Do’s
  • Alerts from email, test message, phone calls … it never ends!

We do what we can to manage all this clutter, but fatigue and stress build up in the body, and in the mind. As we step into this new season, I invite you to unpack the clutter that has built up during the dormant months of winter, and take part in the healing properties of our natural world. How will you make the most of nature this spring?

Finding Your Inner Glow

Unplug – In the modern world, stepping away from the screen for a full 24 hours sounds ludicrous … and that’s exactly why it’s worth it. Periodically unplugging can be a truly liberating experience that invites valuable reflection and mindfulness.

Get Grounded – If you can’t take a whole day to unplug, be sure to get your bare feet on the ground for 5 minutes a day — we absorb essential minerals by walking on soil or sand.

Take In The Tahoe Air Step away from your desk for a walk in the sunshine. If possible, walk by a river, lake or another body of water. This helps balance ions disrupted by electronic technology. Walking through a forest reduces stress and improves memory.

Soak In The Sun – Vitamin D from sunlight helps fight disease, depression and is know to boost weight loss efforts. Plus, soaking in those rays feels so, so good.

Embrace The Mini Nap – Einstein was known for taking 10-minute “mini naps” to reset his mind. This is a habit we can all gladly get on board with.

Rejuvenate Your Whole Self at Dolce Vita

Elements Body Treatment – Discover the traditional restorative power of nature’s elements: earth (mud wrap), air (aromatherapy), water (rain shower) and fire (warm massage).

Meditation Massage – Our signature meditation massage invites you to let go of what no longer serves you and tune into the rewarding energies within.

Facials – Whether you’re looking to reverse the wear of time or rejuvenate with essential nutrients, our facials assist in overall skin health while giving you a gorgeous spring glow.

This season, we wish you great success as you clear the clutter and re-energize your spirit. There is so much beauty and nourishment to soak in from nature, and with more clarity, you might find you are more able to express and share your inner glow with the world.

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