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lash extensions

Love Your Lashes

Our team of expert Lash Stylists uses their extensive training to help you achieve weightless, long and natural-looking lashes tailored specifically to you. Achieve effortless beauty as you simplify your morning routine or add a little more drama to your look. 

  • Water-resistant so you can swim, shower and exercise worry-free
  • Customizable extensions
  • Non-invasive, relaxing procedure
  • Lasts indefinitely with routine re-touch every 3 or 4 weeks

The procedure begins with an in-depth consultation to define and design the perfect lashes for your eyes exclusively. With over 600 lashes in various curvatures, thicknesses, and lengths our Lash Stylists receive extensive training in the craft of styling lashes tailored to meet your specific needs. We only use premium mink lashes for a soft texture and velvety glamour formerly reserved for supermodels. Eyelash extensions are applied one-by-one to your natural lashes for a weightless, natural look and feel that can last up to four weeks or more with proper care, touch-ups and depending on the natural growth cycle of your own lashes.


With Classic Lash Extensions, a single lash is applied to one natural lash resulting in added length, definition, and curl. For many, Classic Lash Extensions eliminate the need for mascara while providing natural-looking length and definition. 

Lash Extensions$250
2 Week Touch Ups$85
3 Week Touch Ups$105

Have dark brows/lashes without makeup for up to 2 weeks




With Volume Lash Extensions, multiple extensions are applied to natural lashes creating a customized “fan” look resulting in added length and much more volume than Classic Lash Extensions. Volume Lash Extensions provide incredible fullness while still being lightweight and safe for long-term wear. 

Volume Lash – Full Set $300
2 Week Touch Ups $85
3 Week Touch Ups $105


Have dark brows/lashes without makeup for up to 2 weeks