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waxing & sugaring

Uncover Beautiful Skin

Our expert Estheticians bring their skillful touch to help gently remove unwanted hair and reveal smooth, beautiful skin.

Waxing & Sugaring Treatments

Brows $20
Lip $15
Chin $15
Full Face $40
Half Legs $60
Full Legs $85
Underarms $30
Arms $40
Bikini $45
Brazilian $75
Back/Chest $60+

What is Sugaring?

  • Completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body
  • Less painful, sugar does not adhere to live skin cells
  • Exfoliates only the dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and soft, not red and irritated.
  • Sugar is applied at body temperature so there is never any fear of burning
  • More sanitary, with sugaring there is no double dipping. Bacteria cannot breed in high concentrations of sugar.
  • Hair is removed in the natural direction of growth, so there is less breakage and less chance of ingrown hairs.
  • Safe for clients who have diabetes, varicose veins, or eczema.
  • Hair diminishes quicker, leads to permanency over time.


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