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The Answers to Sustainable Weight Management with Dolce Vita

When we dive into the subject of weight, what typically follows is a disheartening sigh. Many of us have a need to focus more on our weight, but we seem to never get around to the elephant in the room. In our ongoing series, “Lifestyle Changes That Last,” we’re going to make the weight conversation a sustainable one—something that is both achievable and long-lasting (which we all know is tough to do with weight).

RN, Certified Wellness Coach

Meet Renee: The Health Guru Who’s About to Take You on A New Journey

We’re excited to introduce Dolce Vita’s wellness expert, Renee Swackhamer. Renee has been a Registered Nurse for 25 years and is a Nationally Certified Health Coach with Sears Wellness Institute and Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Radio. To boot, Renee holds a certification as a Human Performance Coach and is nationally certified with Amen Clinic as a Certified Brain Health Coach. Needless to say, Renee is relentlessly committed to the well-being and optimal health of others.

Renee takes an approach with each clients coined “bio-individuality”, which recognizes the fact that every remedy (natural or otherwise) will have unique effects on varying individuals. It’s a detailed process where we take influences on the body into account, such as food, sleep, medicine, and stress. We then proceed by going over each to understand the effects of each area. For example, in a meeting with Renee, you’ll hear questions such as “what are your sleep habits?” or “tell me about your eating habits.” This approach tosses out the word DIET out of weight management, which signifies an end. Rather, this method unlocks the motivating, deep-rooted secrets of “WHY.”

We asked our health savant to weigh in on the subject of weight management and share a few insights about her background, as well as some of the most significant factors that affect health and weight. Follow along for the path to meet all of your weight goals—sustainably.

Understand your Body

When you’re trying to reach a goal, it’s important to fully understand the starting point. If you ask Siri, “get me directions to the Grand Canyon,” Siri would have to know your precise location before you get moving. It’s all about understanding where you are (starting point) and clear-cut specifics of where you’d like to be (Grand Canyon).

Know your “WHY”

Defining your “why” is vital to the goal-making recipe. It’s the deep motivation that gives you laser focus on your efforts. If we lose sight of the meaning behind our new projects or journeys, our motivation wanes and we fall out of our health-boosting cycle.

Know Your Obstacles—And Your Successes

Things that haven’t worked before will require a different approach. And because we’re all different, something that works for your bestie might not be your cup of tea. Understand and define your past successes as well as what has been a major roadblock to your ability to manage your weight. While we won’t get stuck on the past, we need to learn from it and focus on our strengths. Celebrate the WINS, small or big, and dodge past barriers to achieve your goals.

Know Your Roots with Fit3D

Fit3D is cutting-edge technology that helps you see your body in 3D. It’s a machine that takes a 360-degree body scan, providing a comprehensive and customized report that shows you every measurement you need to know, including weight, height, posture, body fat percentage, muscle percentage, and more. Fit3D is one of the first steps our wellness experts take to get a full understanding of where you are and to help begin the conversation about your goals. It’s the best follow-up, too, because you can accurately measure your accomplishments.

Customized Solutions

Once you’ve established your starting point and goals, Wellness Coaches at Dolce Vita can help to hone in on precise areas directly impacting your weight management.

Proper hormone balance is vital to overall health and well-being. Fluctuating estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can remove you from the reins of weight control, making reaching your goals akin to a climb up Everest rather than a brisk walk through the park.

You can’t treat what you don’t measure, so one suggestion is getting a baseline assessment of your hormone levels. Based on measurements, you’ll have a better snapshot of your body’s needs, which could be aided by supplements or hormone replacement.

Nutrition is the best-known influence on your health and weight, and weight management won’t be as effective without a personalized nutrition program. We recommend beginning with eliminating top inflammatory foods such as gluten, sugar, and dairy to see how your body responds. When these weight-gain culprits are removed from consumption and later re-introduced, it is easier to see your body’s reaction to these inflammatory agents. For example, you may have a food sensitivity to dairy that may cause inflammation, making it more difficult for your digestive system to operate efficiently.

Another proposal is that you keep a food, mood, and poop log. We know… that doesn’t sound like something you’d care to write home about, but it’s a powerful tool in understanding your body and how it responds to what you’re eating. Furthermore, food logging gives health coaches valuable information to help you improve, because you can’t change what you don’t track!

Accountability and Coaching:
Health coaching means holding space for the client and holding them accountable to their goals. A quick text or email to check in on a client’s progress can make a HUGE difference in their success rate. Accountability partners are a tried and tested method—that’s why Dolce Vita believes strongly in our team of health and wellness coaches and the part they play in our guest’s well-being.


If you’re looking to make change and need some help with weight management, it might be time to get some support. The first step…join us for a Discovery Journey. A Discovery Journey is a complimentary consultation with one of our Wellness Guides. We do an assessment of your goals and create a customized program where we match you with just the right treatments and team of experts to help reach them. 2019 could be the year you get clear about what’s going on with your body and make the changes you’ve been longing to see. Find new tools to managing your weight and a support system to help you reach your goals. 

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