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Lip enhancements have been gaining popularity over the past 2 decades since beauty lovers are willing to go beyond lip liners and lipsticks. They have undergone many advancements and lip fillers are considered safe amongst the latest treatments. People seldomly go for other lip augmentation techniques after the advent of dermal lip fillers. Advancements in lip fillers have made it easier and more affordable for a greater amount of beauty lovers. They can alter the volume of their lips without any surgical treatments and minimal downtimes.

What is lip filler?

Many types of dermal lip fillers could be used for enhancing the lips and mouth area. Among these dermal fillers highly used are the ones that contain a substance that imitates the features of hyaluronic acid. It is a naturally developing substance in the human body usually mentioned as hyaluronic acid fillers or HA fillers. These fillers could cause some adverse effects if not performed by an experienced practitioner. Hence, it is important to choose a reliable aesthetic center like Dolcevita Wellness Spa to ensure a safe and efficient treatment. They use the Volbella filler, which is from the Juvéderm family of dermal fillers. This is a lip-enhancing gel that ais in enhancing the fullness of the lips. It also has proven results in decreasing vertical aging lines that can appear over time.

Benefits of dermal fillers:

Dermal fillers are the inexpensive and harmless technique employed to alter the enhance the beauty of a person’s lips. Below are the major benefits of employing these fillers to get plump and fuller lips.

Boosted Appearance– One of the major reasons for individuals opting for these lip fillers is to improve their appearance. Plump lips will make a face look young and healthy. This enhanced appearance can aid in boosting their confidence in public and professional circumstances.

Instant Results with less downtime– These are two more major reasons for the wide use of dermal fillers. There will be immediate visibility of results once you finish the filler procedure. Along with this, there is no significant downtime as in the case of other major cosmetic procedures like lip implants or plastic surgery. The whole procedure lasts for around 10 minutes depending on the total treatment area. Once the filler procedure is done, you can return to your daily routine without worrying about any downtime.

Natural Fullness– Fillers from Juvéderm family fillers offer a naturally enhanced appearance. This is due to a naturally occurring substance in the body, hyaluronic acid. As it is natural it will not cause any adverse effects. The filler is naturally absorbed by the body but the repetitive procedure needs to be done at suggested timelines. This is to maintain a constant appearance in the lips.

Beneficial for the Skin – The natural components present will again benefit the skin and will not cause any adverse effects. This will avoid the concern for people getting filler injections. When these natural ingredients enter the skin, they are accepted by the body without any hostile effects. This is the reason for having a smooth and natural-looking skin after the treatment.

Reduces aging signs: Fine lines and wrinkles appear in the lips due to the aspects of natural aging and smoking issues. Lip Fillers are beneficial for people who are having such issues. They aid in developing naturally fuller lips and provide firmness to the lips. Hence the mouth appears firmer and younger due to the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

Minimal side effects:  There are no reported side effects from these hyaluronic acid fillers or any adverse reactions in patients. But it is very important to mention to your skin therapist about any existing allergies or medicines you are taking currently. This information helps chooses a perfect filler for individual requirements. If a patient is allergic to any specific component, then there are chances of developing hostile reactions to the fillers. Therefore, medical therapists will do a test for verifying the reaction of filler on the patient skin.

The advantage over lip implants: Lip implants have the reputation of giving permanent results but fillers need to be replaced every scheduled period. The effects of these results will last for that specified period and need to repeat for continuing the results. This offers the benefit of experimenting with the new look in case you are not happy with the earlier one.

Tailored treatment: One of the bigger advantages of the lip fillers is the customization option it offers depending on the patient’s needs. This offers an option to alter the volume of any particular lip (upper or lower) area. You could mention your requirement to the therapist and they will provide you with the precise customization treatments.

Are lip enhancements permanent?

Lip filler treatments are not permanent. The results last generally for about six months and you may have to go for a repeated treatment once you see the results being fading off. It is dependent on the patient whether he is satisfied with the earlier treatment and continues with the same. Other lip enhancements including lip implants or surgeries provide permanent results. But they also carry the disadvantage of not allowing individuals to change their looks and also have more risks of adverse effects. But even with all the advantages of lip fillers, the most crucial thing is to find a reliable therapist to do the job. With all the prior experience and qualifications, they will ensure to give safe and efficient treatment for all the requirements.

Bottom line:

At Dolcevita Wellness Spa, we are well-known for offering satisfying and top-quality cosmetic treatments in the beauty industry. We are the best choice for lip fillers treatment in Reno, NV. We have committed ourselves to offer customized cosmetic treatments that will work best for every person. If you want to relish your dream look with safe treatments visit us at our beautifully relaxed and discreet environment.

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