Connecting the Mind, Body & Soul

Dolce Vita has been voted the best massage for 5 years running. So what makes this spa so special? Every Dolce Vita massage therapist participates in continuous education and are certified in our exclusive CONNECT training program. Each therapist is devoted to continuously learning of advanced techniques to enhance their massage skills. We are committed to providing the best massage therapy session possible. At Dolce Vita we customize each session to meet your body’s needs, ensuring you receive the most therapeutic and healing massage experience.

Monthly Dolce Vita massages have a multitude benefits for your health and well-being:

  • Release tension to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase circulation throughout the body to promote healing
  • Enhance exercise performance and improve range of motion
  • Improved posture and reduction of joint pain

SpaLife Members Save!

Receive the multiple rewards of regular massage by joining our SpaLife Wellness Membership! Enjoy all of the benefits of our wellness massages…for less! Members also enjoy discounts on service upgrades.

Wellness Massage (A savings of up to $20 every service!)

60 MIN: $75 | 90 MIN: $100

massage services

Dolce Vita’s signature massage. A classic full body, light-medium pressure Swedish massage integrating the intuitive techniques of the therapist. Relieves muscle tension, stimulates circulation, and promotes total mind and body relaxation. 

30 Minute$55
60 Minute$90
90 Minute$120

SpaLife Member-Only Booking

60 Minute$75
90 Minute$100

This sacred Hawaiian ritual is designed to provide energy flow and body connectivity.  Luxurious Monoï Oil (made with coconut oil and Tahitian gardenias) provides incredible nourishment as long, continuous, flowing strokes of the forearms ease muscle tension and balance heart, mind, body and soul.

60 Min$105
90 Min$135

Designed to ease the discomforts of pregnancy while also promoting maternal well-being, this soothing massage uses safe and effective prenatal techniques to provide special attention to fatigued muscles as it soothes exhaustion and increases blood flow throughout the body. Not recommended in the first trimester.

60 Min$105
90 Min$135

Slip into relaxation and invite clarity to the mind with a transient, guided meditation to begin your massage. Experience total sound immersion as your body softens with the gentle cushion vibrations, and your breathing slows to a calming rhythm, elevating your massage to a whole new level of relaxation, and renewal.

60 Min$105
90 Min$135

Slip into tranquility with a loved one with a massage designed to relax and release tension. Includes 1 upgrade each, a chocolate treat to share and sparkling wine. This is also a perfect package for a mother-daughter date or outing for sisters or friends!*

60 Min$210
90 Min$270

*Book now, but please call to confirm we have two appointments scheduled for your desired time. 

A slow, deep tissue massage where pressure and skillful hand movements release lactic acid from fatigued muscles while targeting trigger points and unlocking tension to relieve pain.

60 Min$105
90 Min$135

Formed from the earth’s original prime body of sea, these hand-carved, organic salt stones gently soothe fatigue from stress and tension, reduce inflammation and improve overall sense of well-being.

60 Min$105
90 Min$135

Experience the therapeutic powers of essential oils in a relaxing massage that incorporates healing through the sense of smell and touch. Helps to naturally increase circulation, while nourishing the skin. Includes a take-home product to continue your relaxation benefits.

60 Min$105
90 Min$135

Calm and relax the body with the soothing health benefits of a massage featuring Cannabinoid (CBD) oil. CBD oil alleviates symptoms of pain and inflammation and allows therapists to access and release muscles on a deeper level for powerful results. Naturally therapeutic, no mind-altering side effects.

60 Min$105
90 Min$135

Bring the healing benefits of massage to you with our in-home massage service. Relax and restore with a 5-star Dolce Vita massage in the comfort of your own home. Interested in relaxing massage at home? Contact us for more information.

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