Welcome to Dolce Vita

Step into a true oasis of beauty with our award-winning spa. We are situated against the picturesque Rancharrah mansion. We offer world-class amenities, a beautifully appointed outdoor lounge.

Monday to Friday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday 9:00am - 7:00pm

Self-Care Sundays

We all love how we feel after spending a luxurious day at the spa with deep relaxation flowing through our veins. Figuring out what to do or what to bring for your first spa day experience can be overwhelming. At Dolce Vita, we want each of our guests to get the most out of their spa day and have compiled a list of things to expect to make guests’ experiences memorable and comfortable.

Before The Treatment 

• Make Sure To Be Hydrated
Drink plenty of water before coming in for your treatment. During treatments such as massages, you can increase the amount of liquids in your kidneys to clear them of toxins.

• Enjoy a Light Meal Before Your Treatment
Eating a heavy meal before any spa treatment can cause discomfort, but bring or purchase light snacks for after your spa treatments at our Nourish Bar.

• Set Your Intentions
Before entering the spa for a day of relaxation, we ask our guests to pick a stone with a special sentiment written on it  and to place it in our serenity pool to set the intentions for their experience.

• Stow Away Your Phone
Be in the moment while at the day spa! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and take time for yourself. Do yourself and your fellow spa-goers a courtesy by silencing devices left in your locker.

During The Treatment

• Communicate With Your Spa Professional
Please alert your spa professional if you are uncomfortable with anything during your spa treatment. They are there to ensure your experience is all you want and more!

• Focus on Your Breathing
Counting your breaths can help enter your body into a calm state so you can feel and look as refreshed as ever.

• Relax Your Muscles and Let Us Do All the Work
Having tense muscles during your spa treatment can lead to inadequate service. At Dolce Vita, we encourage guests to relax their muscles as much as possible to ensure our Spa Professionals can properly enlighten your body.

• Don’t Dress to Impress!
Dress as much or as little as you would like during your appointment. We want our guests to feel comfortable and enjoy their appointments. Clients who have reserved a massage, facial, or body treatment will receive a locker, robe and slippers when they arrive at Dolce Vita. As you change into your robe, dress to your comfort level. During a massage treatment, our therapists drape you to protect your privacy, so being completely undressed is appropriate. If you feel more comfortable wearing undergarments for your massage, please feel free to do so.

• Don’t be Afraid to Nap During Your Appointment
At Dolce Vita, we understand how relaxing spa treatments can be. Don’t hesitate to fall asleep or take a quick nap during your appointment. Sleep is the best way for a body to heal itself.

After The Treatment 

• Take Your Time Getting Up
You may feel dizzy or lightheaded after a massage, which is entirely normal. Soak in the soothing ambiance and hydrating oils before getting up from the massage bed!

• Enjoy Our Amenities
Dolce Vita Wellness Spa provides incredible amenities such as meditation sessions, the ocean lounge, Nourish Bar, and many more. After your spa treatments, please take advantage of all we offer to continue your journey of serenity.

• Avoid Alcohol, Exercise, and Caffeine
After any spa treatments, we recommend that our guests avoid strenuous activity, alcohol, or caffeine. Your body has undergone a refreshing but fatiguing experience and will need plenty of water to rehydrate. Enjoy the flavored and electrolyte-filled water we have stationed around the spa!

• Keep Those Positive Vibes!
Our spa uses the highest quality products during our services. We ask our guests to refrain from showering after treatment to keep from washing off oils and creams that will do wonders for your skin. Hot or cold water can also create muscle tension by showering, which would counteract the massage therapy.

      • Follow Recommendations From Your Spa Professional
      • Our Spa Professionals are very knowledgeable regarding your skin or body care and can offer wonderful recommendations from skincare to muscle therapy.
      • Get a good night’s Sleep

Although spa life can be highly relaxing, your body will need even more rest to harness all the energy of renewal it has received! A good night’s rest is precisely what the spa professionals ordered.

• Book Your Next Appointment

      • Remember to book your next session with us after you have enjoyed all of our beautiful amenities and services! Booking in advance helps ensure you are able to create a reliable & sustainable self-care routine. Consistency is key!

Our team at Dolce Vita knows how vital self-care is when life gets a little wild, but we want our guests to have the most relaxing spa experience possible. With our team’s suggestions, you can maintain that feeling of bliss! Come into Dolce Vita Wellness Spa to learn more, or visit our website, dolcevitawellnessspa.com, to book your self-care session today!