This rejuvenating treatment exfoliates the body as it provides a unique blend of exfoliating salt mineral scrub and hydrating oils to benefit the skin richly. The specialty Vichy hydrotherapy table gently washes away stress and dry skin and hydrates with deep moisture massage.

50 min
80 min

Trust the healing benefits of the sea with this rejuvenating experience. Marine algae and mineral rich muds enhance hydrating and rejuvenating effects. On a specialized vichy hydrotherapy table, skin is exfoliated with a nourishing body scrub, then wrapped in the nourishing vitamins, minerals of the sea, while removing impurities in a moisture steam treatment. A marine mermaid facial mask and moisturizing cocoa butter seals in benefits to soothe and replenish skin.

80 min

Kick start circulation and stimulate your metabolism while removing harmful toxins from your body. On a specialized vichy hydrotherapy table, begin with a full body exfoliation scrub and detoxifying wrap, accompanied by a calming Siberian scalp massage and complete your escape with a foot scrub and moisturizing coconut butter. Leave feeling lighter, and relaxed.

80 min
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Welcome to Dolce Vita

Step into a true oasis of beauty with our award-winning spa. We are situated against the picturesque Rancharrah mansion. We offer world-class amenities, a beautifully appointed outdoor lounge, and an ocean room complete with jellyfish.

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