Body Treatments

Restore with the Power of Nature

Enjoy an elevated spa experience and get a little something more with these unique body and specialty treatments.

Body Treatments

Body Slimming Infrared Sauna Wrap
Drift away wrapped in an infrared sauna heating blanket while you detoxify, increase metabolism and flush toxins from the body. Receive immediate inch loss from water retention and toxins. Kick start a fitness or weight loss program, stay motivated, fit into your outfit for that special event, firm up your skin and diminish cellulite and stretch marks. Includes face, scalp, and foot massage.

45-minute | $75 

Total Body Refresh Wrap & Facial
Creamy cocoa butter with anti-aing boosters are applied to the body which is then wrapped in a warm cocoon. While you relax, enjoy a nourishing & re-balancing Signature Organic Facial which will leave your skin just as refreshed and softened.

90-minute | $145

Refresh Body Glow & Massage
Includes scrub of choice, rain shower, hydrating organic body butter application and a 60-minute massage.

90-minute | $135

120-minute | $165

Specialty Treatments 

Reiki Energy Experience
This profound technique attunes energy flow within the body  to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. Reiki will leave you feeling aligned, refreshed and clear-minded. (Not a hands-on treatment)

45-minute | $85 

Infrared Sauna
Detox, strengthen your immune system and improve lymphatic circulation. Experience the health benefits of our infrared sauna with single or monthly visits.

$20 (30 min)

$150 (Package of 10)

Organic Sugaring

Welcome to smooth with 100% Organic Waxing.

  • Completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body
  • Less painful, sugar does not adhere to live skin cells
  • Exfoliates only the dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and soft, not red and irritated.
  • Sugar is applied at body temperature so there is never any fear of burning
  • More sanitary, with sugaring there is no double dipping. Bacteria cannot breed in high concentrations of sugar.
  • Hair is removed in the natural direction of growth, so there is less breakage and less chance of ingrown hairs.
  • Safe for clients who have diabetes, varicose veins, or eczema.
  • Hair diminishes quicker, leads to permanency over time.

Brow Shaping $20
Full Face $40
Lip $12
Chin $15
Lash/Brow Tint $20
Half Legs $50
Fulll Legs $85
Underarm $20
Arms $40
Bikini $45
Brazilian $75
Back/Chest $30 – $60

Spray Tanning

A Natural Way to go Golden

  • Voted #1 Organic Tanning Solution in U.S.A by Allure Magazine 2011
  • Naturally scented with a light brown sugar-vanilla aroma
  • Packed with skin nutrient ingredients such as aloe vera leaf, green tea extract, and vitamin E
  • Quick Drying. Lasts on average 7-13 days with perfectly even fade

$40 | $70 2 sessions

Love Your Lashes

Wake up with long, thick, beautiful eyelashes everyday!  

  • Water-resistant so you can swim, shower and exercise worry-free
  • Customizable extensions
  • Premium natural mink lashes
  • Non-invasive, relaxing procedure
  • Lasts indefinitely with routine re-touch every 3 or 4 weeks

The procedure begins with an in-depth consultation to define and design the perfect lashes for your eyes exclusively. With over 600 lashes in various curvatures, thicknesses, and lengths our Lash Stylists receive extensive training in the craft of styling lashes tailored to meet your specific needs. We only use premium mink lashes for a soft texture and velvety glamour formerly reserved for supermodels. Eyelash extensions are applied one-by-one to your natural lashes for a weightless, natural look and feel that can last up to four weeks or more with proper care, touch-ups and depending on the natural growth cycle of your own lashes.

With Classic Lash Extensions, a single lash is applied to one natural lash resulting in added length, definition, and curl. For many, Classic Lash Extensions eliminate the need for mascara while providing natural-looking length and definition. 

Lash Extensions$200
2 Week Touch Ups$65
3 Week Touch Ups$85
4 Week Touch Ups$150

Have dark brows/lashes without makeup for up to 2 weeks


With Volume Lash Extensions, multiple extensions are applied to natural lashes creating a customized “fan” look resulting in added length and much more volume than Classic Lash Extensions. Volume Lash Extensions provide incredible fullness while still being lightweight and safe for long-term wear. 

Volume Lash - Full Set$300
2 Week Touch Ups$85
3 Week Touch Ups$105

Have dark brows/lashes without makeup for up to 2 weeks


Ear Candling

Remove impurities & relieve pressure   

Candling is used to remove wax buildup, yeasts, fungus, and remnants of past infections and can help with the sinuses and lymph system.  Intricate crevices in the ear allow large amounts of debris to accumulate. This buildup can also interfere with correct hearing.

Some conditions that can benefit from ear candling include headaches, ear aches migraines, ear infections, plugged ears, ringing of the ears, sinusitis, TMJ , hearing challenges, imbalance, excessive wax, inner ear pressure.

1 session – $45

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